3D design and PBR creation is a big passion of Frederick Alonso. On the bottom of this page you will find more information.

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2023 so far:

3D Track Modeller at Reiza Studios aka AMS2 (1971 Nordschleife, Barcelona, Spa Francorchamps RX, Le Mans) and a full PBR (Physical Based Rendering texure/shader) revamp of their rF2 DLC.

4 logo designs: Museum Online.dk, Martinique Queens, CJS Creations, Brands Copy.com,

Nichepaints Webstore Concept & Creation.

Just insane

The moment, your private is so busy that you love all the efforts a lot more.
Meanwhile I still brew Tripel Karmeliet on my day job.

AMR - Aston Martin GT4

First renders of a fresh GT4 project I gift to the RF2 community for free. #Discord

AMR all the way.

Imagine the first growling exhaust sounds of this car..
Coming to Rfactor 2 in coming months.


Another Free Car I gift to RF2, just because I love the sounds of it in real life. #Discord

The sound that took my breath at Spa.

On a full GT4 EU Open grid, this car just inspired me so much I want to get it alive (virtually)

Modelling a Ferrari Maranello 550 GT1

First renders of the almost finished Ferrari Maranello 550 GT1. #Discord

Just a fun project of the 550 Maranello

I was 16 years old, big fan of this car at Spa 24H. We need this in a race simulator soon.

Toyota Supra GT4 Renders

First renders of the upgraded car model from stock to race car. #Patreon

Toyota Supra GT4 Renders

First renders of the upgraded car model from stock to race car.
Coming to Rfactor 2 in coming months.

Let's stop 2019 here...

Maybe the about me information will be more interesting at the bottom of this page?

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Some things I can prove since I started being creative. No BS, results I can proudly show!

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